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Ann Dundas

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I started working for Reidvale Housing Association in 1985. I was born and brought up in a tenement in the east end and realise the importance of community and good neighbours and feel that Reidvale is a great community and great to work in. I left St Andrews Secondary in Greenfield in 1979 and went to College for a year. I then worked for Strathclyde Police ‘A’ Division in their offices and left there to join Reidvale. When I worked for Strathclyde Police I had no contact with the public and have come to realise that is really what I love about working in Reidvale and 26 years later I still hold the position of Receptionist and I feel that is where I belong. I feel that I have grown up with the residents of Reidvale and love seeing “the babies” now grown up and love to know what they’re doing now and it’s great when you’re in Duke Street, which I am quite a lot as I still live in the east end of Glasgow, when everyone says hello or stops to speak to you. I also do various admin roles within the Association and work with various outside companies for the Association and enjoy the good working relationships we have with the people from these companies.