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Anna Walker

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Following the abolition of child chimney sweeps, I commenced employment at Reidvale Housing Association. (Not really, but it was almost as long ago as that, 1979, in fact)

When I joined the Association the equipment used in the office was considerably different from that used now, we used a Gestetner copier which was an inked drum which had to be turned by hand until required amount of copies were achieved.  Our works orders were all handwritten onto Kalamazoo record cards, unlike our computer generated works orders of today.  Our office was in the old doctors surgery which adjoined the existing office, and is now the new Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre facility.

Something which I do find astonishing about Reidvale, is the continuity within the area, that the children and grandchildren of people who have lived in the area since I began, come onto the list, are housed and wish to keep their roots firmly within this community.  I think that this is because this is a proper community and not just a cluster of houses.

Another thing which I am sure many areas lack is the work done by so many residents, past and present, to improve life for everyone within this area, giving freely of their time and energy for the benefit of the community as a whole which is often a thankless task but this does not deter them in the least. 

Unlike our technology, some things at Reidvale never change and I sincerely hope that they won’t.