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Gerry Shepherd

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On leaving university in 1976, armed only with a very average BSc in Mathematics and Bill Gates already well on his way to cornering the computer market,  Gerry decided to focus instead on the world of accountancy.

A post graduate Diploma in Accountancy in 1977 led to his trainee-ship with one of Glasgow’s then oldest firm of Chartered Accountants, MacHarg and Son CA’s. About the same time the housing association movement in Glasgow began to flourish, and with several audits under his belt, Gerry found himself something of a  specialist in the sector.
Finally head hunted, some  say simply hunted, he commenced his over thirty year career with Reidvale Housing  Association  Ltd  in early 1980. Opportunities quickly arose that allowed him to ply his particular brand of the trade in other housing associations in, primarily, the East End of Glasgow. The variety of work, and the ability to manage his  own  time, saw the consultancy work expand to one which has included over 20  housing associations in his career to date.

An MBA from Glasgow University in 1988 augmented his financial acumen and provided a broader skills base that could be deployed in other housing organisations. The consultancy work continues to grow, which suits both himself and his employer. Gerry realised very early on in his career that it was much harder to ‘hit a moving target than a stationary one’!  It is hoped that his input over the years to particularly fledgling housing associations has been of some assistance and that the fashionable concept of ‘sharing services’ has been well established within the community based housing association movement.