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Our Services: Apply For a Home

The Association operates an open access Allocations system, which provides the opportunity for anyone aged 16 years or over to apply to the Association for suitable housing.

The Association allocates its houses in accordance with its Allocations Policy .If you wish to apply for one of our houses you should complete the Housing Application Form   and return it to our office. The Information Sheet for Housing Applicants  provides useful information on our property and the way we allocate it.

When we receive your application form it will be assessed and you will then be placed on one of three lists. This will always be the list where you will be most likely to be housed in the shortest timescale.

If you are aged 60 years or over you may wish to apply for Retirement Housing  which has its own waiting list.

Other Ways to Obtain a Home in Reidvale

Mutual Exchange

If you are presently a tenant of a public sector landlord you may be able to find someone within Reidvale who would like to exchange flats with you. It should be noted that before a mutual exchange can take place both tenants must receive the formal consent of their landlord.


If you are already a tenant of Reidvale Housing Association and would like to move to another property within Reidvale you will need to complete a Transfer Application Form  . All transfers are carried out in accordance with our Transfer Policy  and the Information Sheet for Transfer Applicants provides an overview of the process.

Further information

Click here  to request further information on any aspect of applying for a home in Reidvale.


If you are presently homeless you should telephone 0141 276 6155 to arrange for a member of Glasgow City Council Homeless Persons East Community Casework Team to assess your circumstances.