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Our Community: Policing Initiative

The Reidvale Policing Initiative was introduced in 2004. There is a Minute of Agreement between Strathclyde Police and the Association which stipulates how the Initiative will operate.

The purpose of the Initiative is to allay residents fear of crime by ensuring an enhanced Police presence and to develop good relationships between the Police and young people in Reidvale and our Community Police Officers are now well known in the area.

The Police have benefitted from the local knowledge they have gained and from improved intelligence as residents are more willing to report suspicious activity.

Further information sharing protocols have subsequently been entered into with Strathclyde Police and while we cannot guarantee that there will be no criminal activity in our community we can ensure that the chance of those involved being caught are significantly increased.

We have recently purchased bicycles for our Community Police Officers and are continuing to develop co-operative initiatives with Strathclyde Police.

To read the Research Report carried out by Glasgow University on the effectiveness of the Initiative click here.