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Our Community: Reidvale Adventure Play Association

A legacy of the Glasgow Eastern Area Renewal Project (GEAR) in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s was a concrete wasteland between Garfield Street and Bellfield Street. This was a Government Regeneration Agency’s idea of an appropriate ‘Playground’ for children in the East End of Glasgow. A group of local parents approached the Housing Association and asked if we could help them create a proper play area in Reidvale. We persuaded those responsible for the GEAR project to remove their concrete and negotiated a 99 year lease on the land with the City Council. The parents, meanwhile, had formed themselves into the Reidvale Adventure Play Association (RAPA). Their ambitions were modest. They wanted:

  1. Grass not concrete
  2. A small building for indoor activity and where children could shelter when  it rained
  3. A fence around the play area and a gate so they could control access to the play area

The Housing Association was able to help them to achieve this and in 1988 the Committee of RAPA took possession of their new minimalist play area. They have since raised funds from a variety of sources to purchase equipment and improve the playground.

Like Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre, RAPA is completely independent of Reidvale Housing Association although we continue to offer support and assistance to RAPA when it is requested.

Images of RAPA can be found by searching in Our History.
For full details of what is available at RAPA click www.rapa.org.uk