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Davina Boyle

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Mum was born in 57 Glenpark Street in 1919, moved to 31 Reidvale Street around 1925, my sister and brother were born there, my brother in 1943.

Because of my Dad’s job in Glasgow Fire Service we moved home a lot, however, after Dad’s sudden death in 1964 we moved out of the fire station and ended up moving back to the East End and later, in approximately 1984 Mum moved back to the Reidvale area. In 1998 after a massive stroke Jackie came back from South Africa to Mum’s house in Reidvale Street (full circle) and just before Mum’s death they moved to Bathgate Street.

I started work in Boots Chemist, Union Street in January 1964 becoming one of the youngest buyers and supervisors at age 17 and I stayed working there until I immigrated to Canada in March 1972.

In Canada I worked in Local Government, Property Taxes (Council Taxes to us) and worked there until I came home in November 1985.

After a 10 month extended holiday when I came home I started working in the City Centre for a large investment company and stayed there until I had to take early retirement due to arthritis in November 2002. At this time I lived on the second floor 47 stairs up so I was house bound for quite a time before my knee and hip replacements.

It was at this time I applied to Reidvale Housing Association in order to be closer to Jackie, and also because of all the stairs it made more sense to move to a ground floor flat and after a few years I was very lucky to be offered the home I have now.

Moving into RHA was very good for me. I am close to my brother who is severely disabled and unable to speak so needs me to be close by.

I have great neighbours and some of them have become very good friends and I have found a new hobby in gardening. I started with a few plant pots and was then joined by my neighbour who is now heavily involved and actually does most of the hard work due to my health limitations, we now have quite a display of flowers and shrubs in the back garden.

Most evenings and weekends in the better weather will find us out in the backcourt watching over our little oasis having a good laugh and planning our next visit to the garden centre.

I feel that moving to RHA has really changed my life for the better. I have a lovely flat which RHA maintain very well and I have a new found independence now that I no longer have all the stairs to climb which has enabled me to be able to do some local volunteer work and I feel that my family has come full circle returning to the area.