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The Association has worked in partnership with Community Safety Glasgow (CSG) to tackle anti social behaviour within our area since 1st April 2008.  CSG Community Relations Unit are a specialist team of anti social investigators.  This partnership enables the Association to be more effective in resolving complaints of anti social behaviour and increases the likelihood of achieving successful outcomes if and when a case may go to court.

Due to the longstanding excellent working relationship between CSG and the Association a Platinum Service Pilot was carried out between 1st June and 30th September 2013 where all relevant cases of anti social behaviour were investigated by CSG on behalf of the Association.  Both parties agreed that the pilot service was a success and this has led to the Association agreeing to upgrade our service level agreement with CSG from the Gold to Platinum level from 1st April 2014. 

As a result of this, apart from minor nuisance complaints, the Association passes over all of its anti social complaints from residents to CSG for detailed and rigorous investigation.  The Association will monitor the service provided to residents over the coming year to ensure that it is indeed providing the most effective and efficient way of resolving anti social complaints for our community.

We would welcome the views of any resident on their experience of their anti social complaint being handled by Community Safety Glasgow.  Please do not hesitate to contact your housing officer should you wish to discuss any aspect of our anti social behaviour service.

The Association received a total of 84 complaints concerning anti social behaviour during 2013/14.  If you would like to see a comprehensive overview of our anti social complaints and how we have dealt with them please click here